Thursday, October 22, 2015. All events held at Madison Concourse Hotel.

7.30-8.30 Coffee and light breakfast

8.30-10.15 Panel 1, Realities and Memories of Sanskrit during the Sultanate Period

  • Sanskrit and the Sultans: Inscriptional and Numismatic Sources on the Delhi Sultanate (Luther Obrock, University of Pennsylvania)
  • Remembering the Tughluq Sultans in Early Modern Svetambara Jain Literature (Steven M. Vose, Florida International University)
  • A Pakistani Hero in Sanskrit Sources: ‘Ali Hamadani and Body Politics (Dean Accardi, Connecticut College)

10.15-10.30 Coffee break

10.30-12.15 Panel 2, Encountering and Accommodating an Other

  • Rudra Kavi and the Mughal Elite (Pranav Prakash, University of Iowa)
  • “Islam” in Sanskrit Doxography: A Reconsideration (Shankar Nair, University of Virginia)

12.15-1.45 Lunch

1.45-3.30 Panel 3, Stretching the Limits of Sanskrit Literary Discourse

  • Verses at the Court of the King: Shifts in the Historical Imagination of the Sanskrit Literary Tradition during the Second Millennium (Daud Ali, University of Pennsylvania)
  • Sanskrit Histories of Indo-Islamic Dynasties (Audrey Truschke, Stanford University)
  • Iran between Xwanirah and Jambudvipa: Locating Zoroastrianism in the Sanskrit Cosmopolis (Daniel Sheffield, Princeton University)

3.30-3.45 Coffee break

3.45-5.00 Final Roundtable, The Past Unknown

  • Daud Ali, University of Pennsylvania
  • John Cort, Denison University
  • Cynthia Talbot, University of Texas-Austin

5.30-6.30 Reception


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